About Aquaflora

AquaFlora Nurseries & Micropropagation is a wholesale aquarium plant nursery located in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia, Canada. We produce all the plants we sell on site, using a process called micropropagation. Tiny cuttings, called explants, are removed from donor plants and systematically treated to remove all microorganisms. The result is 100% sterile plant material from which we generate superior quality plants for sale. Each explant is placed into nutrient media, which promotes rapid growth and division. After several weeks of growth, we transfer these new plants into water tanks to simulate standard aquarium conditions.

Our plants are all grown submersed, resulting in no foliage loss during acclimation to customers’ aquaria. Virtually all our competitors grow their plants hydroponically in greenhouses, and their plants will often ‘melt’ and rot after several days underwater in aquaria. Our plants will not melt.

There are several other significant advantages to our use of micropropagation:

  • Plants are completely free of disease-causing bacteria and fungi, as well as snails, nematodes, and other pests, ensuring the highest standards of health.
  • Uniformity of plant size and quality is assured.
  • All species of plants are available year round.
  • Using micropropagation, we produce a wide range of species, and so none of our plants are wild-collected.


We believe strongly in environmental awareness, and to this end our production is designed to reduce the aquarium industry’s negative impact on wetland habitats, locally and worldwide.

We guarantee our plants will arrive alive and disease-free. Our plants are packaged and shipped rapidly, to ensure they arrive in optimal condition. To protect plants during shipping, they are packed in recyclable Styrofoam boxes. During extreme weather, we include hot or cold packs as needed. It is very important that our customers are completely satisfied with their purchases.